AG Electric was found at the Egyptian Market on June 2000, working in he field of industrial projects construction and contracting for oil and gas field by the founder Mr. Gamal Gahzy.on 2003 the demand on providing requirements and need for such projects increased. so, the founder added the trading business to his activities, but it was limited to Consumables, industrial materials, Tools and Equipment. then in 2006 AG Electric widened its activities to include importing / Exporting Media, publishing and Printing Raw Materials and Machines, which was needed for markets in several areas of the region surrounding

(Middle East – North Africa. few years later the demand was increasing for food and beverage goods in the region. so again it was an urgent step to enter this market which was able to expand gradually to other areas.

the founder expands his interest into Fresh food trading and exporting in the same area and expands his activity also to other area such as

(North & Central Africa – Gulf Area – North Asia – Baltic Sea Area – East Europe ). with a variety of goods and merchandise like

(Fresh & Dried Fruits and Vegetables, Dried White Beans, Refined Sugar, etc .....)

All These Activities were going parallel, but the main interest for the last five years was the Food Goods trading / Import / Export.

Mr Gamal Gahzy (CEO)

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WhatsApp:+(20100) 5181103